Benefits of a true Fundraising Platform

Give your projects all of the tools they need without any barriers. Using an online fundraising platform,  you can maintain control while simplifying your workflow.

By giving multiple stakeholders the ability to serve your projects, you can ensure each project's success on the platform.


Products & Features

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Donation Pages

Scientifically designed to increase conversion rates, this mobile-friendly page is optimized for a fast donor experience. 

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Use a fundraising goal, progress thermometer and engaging content to actively drive donations  to campaigns.

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Let your supporters fundraise for you by promoting their own personal fundraising campaigns to their social networks. 



Design an individual giving program to collect monthly or annual fees online from participating members.


Ticketing & Events

Raise money by selling tickets to your events online. Design an event page and check-in attendees as they arrive.



Easily build and launch customizable SMS campaigns, so that your donors can give from anywhere, including on-the-go.


Donor Research

Automatically profile every person who donates, using our integrated donor prospecting tool - WeDidIt Insights.

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Instant Analytics

Quickly understand your performance on every  fundraising page. Review web traffic and donation sources as you strategize.

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CRM Integration

Use integrations with popular CRMs, as well as makes all contribution data collected by the platform easily exportable.

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Real-time Reports

Access all donor data and payment info in real-time from the platform. Make this data available to your finance team automatically. 

Customer Support

Providing Phone, Email, and Live Chat support to help you reach your fundraising goals. We pride ourselves on offering best-in-class customer support so we'll go the extra mile to ensure that you’re successful.