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What fees are associated with WeDidIt?

WeDidIt offers free and paid subscription plans that can be paid monthly or annually. Subscriptions range from $0 to $99/month. For every online contribution, WeDidIt collects a transaction fee (0 to 3%) on top of any credit card fees charged by your merchant bank.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No contract is required, so you can subscribe to a month-to-month plan, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at anytime.

How do we access the money we’ve raised?

All funds raised through WeDidIt will be immediately available in your fiscal sponsor’s merchant account. Fiscal Sponsors can access their funds as quickly and frequently as they wish.

How can I integrate WeDidIt into my own website?

By hyperlinking buttons or text from your website to your fundraising page URL(s), you can integrate WeDidIt into your website. In combination with ‘white labeling’, you will maintain your organization’s brand & styling even though your supporters will donate through our technology.

How can I customize WeDidIt pages to look like they're from my website?

WeDidIt offers various levels of white-labeling, which allows you to build pages that match the look and feel of your website. In the platform, you can use a DIY page editor or purchase custom white-labeling designed by our tech team.

How do I purchase a subscription to WeDidIt?

From the billing section in your account, select any subscription plan that fits your fundraising needs. If you don’t yet have an account, schedule a demo so that we can get you setup ASAP.